Holland & Barrett CBD oil advert

Holland & Barret advertising CBD oil on UK television now. Am I the only one that’s excited about this? Does this mean things are finally changing? I hope so!!


  1. I'm hugely confused. I thought hemp oil is cbd oil. It says in the first link below that cbd is more concentrated in hemp plants. So why not buy a bottle of organic hemp oil (£9.90 200ml) than this 10ml bottle (£9.99) with sunflower oil (yuk) instead? Do you mind looking at these three different products and sharing what you think is the best value. I don't get it : /


    1. http://ifrahsorganickitchen.com/hempen-organic-cbd-oil-3-600mg-10ml-dropper/

    2. https://www.hollandandbarrett.com/shop/product/jacob-hooy-cbd-oil-2-75-60008899

    3. https://www.organic-herbal-remedies.co.uk/100-organic-hemp-seed-oil-200ml-1067-p.asp?gclid=CjwKCAjw7cDaBRBtEiwAsxprXdyMlPkJ_PqQuvCU46XG31fibme4yDncbYqu1VMUDpdV95a8Fy_ASxoCl7oQAvD_BwE

    Thank you.

  2. Hopefully the UK government wake up and realise that Cannabis DOES have medical benefits, create lots of money for the UK economy, open dispensaries where it is controlled ie over 18’s only not to mention how many jobs it’d create, sadly I believe legalisation is YEARS away as pharmaceutical companies are pumping shit drugs out that don’t work and the police now roadside swab people 🙈

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