1. so happy i finally got hold of a good connect he came through with my stuff yesterday its been fire so far

    anyway i know many been searching too so ill just drop his snap


  2. so happy i finally got hold of a good connect he came through with my stuff yesterday its been fire so far
    anyway i know many been searching too so ill just drop his snap

  3. Fuck all you jealous ass bitches on these comments. You guys are just mad these dudes are trying doing something they love and you all don't have the balls to but yourself out there like this….. and who cares if they're ignorant wiggers.

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  5. How about legalization and medical usage of opium poppy?Isn't opiun next coming to cannnabis?

  6. Yo.. https://youtu.be/Kp2LcOr1zIk
    3:47 relooped +which I can't do so I'll acapella with that tempo on a smartphone instead…+

      Swv "Always on my mind" the beat it'll be..

    Topic- hindsight of ex crushes that played and lied too much. 

    Tone- State of panicking

    Audience- Cannabis enthusiast entrepreneurs and connoseiurs along with

    FBI taking my crops of ganja farmers hatin. 

    I call it "Why Now" aka Cannabis Cup I gotta acapella to the tempo tho



    Verse 1

    "This for starters a slap off top… ..

    like I said hashtag Osaka next to Akon holding a marbolo pack. All real always thoroughly ascertaining it ain't vanity to want more. Crops of Ganja as expected since I was 18 years old. Spectacular catch scenarios get every fan on the edge of their chair, even elephants going up jumping soon as they hear it. 

    Girls Mike Jones my shit prior to me ever shining without Jewel's on my ear. As I blazed weed more regularly it only further continued. Remember my first time watching John Tucker must die after a blunt. The humor was way more understandable needed eyedrops everywhere I go. No time for my first girl that never hurt or harmed my emotional mind. Text messages calls smorgasbords and multitudes of inner circles in our business testing my memory out. damn it I'd Rather be gerrymandering with Gary and Karen. Instead of stuck stagnation being created while cops take  my hard earned vegetation. I'll go Vladimir with Macaroni Poutine having as many trichomes as moonrock made dab before ever giving up. Then make  cherry Kool aid flavored ice cream pops n throw the rest of my sack in.. gotta be careful young homies Trump's and Van Dykes leave guys with my kinda leaves homeless in fear of being pummeled they connive you then  try  to not look+suss. Smell like a  floral department in Humboldt or as if I just won the Cannabis cup. More Savagery than Rachel's  Challenge or Mathew Laramies Case. Yeah .

     I got migraines and torn ligament damage eternally, so know I'll freak out. If ever they try shutting the dispensaries and festivals down.. I cut hair illegally  either way we'll resolve the problems pronto. Or ill get back to hitting licks on blammers from Bass pro shop. 

    Smile like I'm on candy camera. Y'all DEA bustas ain't ever gonna be stopping these youngins. That's the truth absolutely. As I light a four gram Dutch in my clutch, got the whole southern part of Cali smelling like they lit candidates for the Cannabis Cup.. yeah for the Cannabis Cup. Got the whole southern part of California smelling like they lit candidates for the Cannabis cup.. #ehhh

    -AC° aka Adonis aka Husband

  7. Couple of ignorant ass holes!!! You talked to me like that i would have givin you an attitude adjustment. Prick!!!

  8. this kid with the beard i ran into him at this festival belligerent off dabs running around trying to rip guys cocks out of their pants and suck em… i saw him later in the night passed out with cum and wax all in his beard

  9. Bro if I was at that booth and he talked to me like that I would have gone in and that stupid bitch after as well man she need more dick in her life and surgery to fix that shit talking face of hers fuck that booth the rest looks awesome shout out to all the zeshbians and mutch love from the uk #repthezesh #numberonezeshbian

  10. Poor water on me for bumping your table and I'm flipping that fucking table over and punching dude square in nose! Dont play with that shit! Now he can pick all his shit up from me really bumping his table!

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