Hidden camera investigation into sale of CBD products

A Help Me Hank hidden camera investigation is uncovering what Metro Detroit residents need to know about CBD oils, lotions and drops, which are becoming …


  1. The FDA prohibits selling CBD using any type of claim including medical research. We can't sell you CBD and tell you what it will do for you. It's not GRAS, we can't put it in food, yet many do. Know the rules, build knowledge and watch out for claims, don't believe the hype, try it for yourself and see if you find relief. Want advice on what to use? If you are technical look for isolates with verifiable test results near 99.5% purity. They look like a pure white powder. You can make your own product for consumption and save tons of money. Mix the isolate into MCT oil and make your own tincture. Put it in food, smoke it, try adding it to your favorite lotion and make your own medicated lotion. If you are less technical or just want to try it without having to make it yourself, look for a tincture made with MCT oil or Hemp oil combined with 500mg CBD in a 1oz bottle (again look for verifiable test results whenever possible). If you have a choice get the MCT oil variant of a tincture for longer shelf life and less taste from the base oil. Many tinctures are flavored, some to mask the taste and others just for pleasure. Said tincture with that amount should be less than $50. It's about a month worth of dosage just one dropper full under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow. When the reporter asks if this product is marijuana I guess the answer is no because that slang word is generally used to describe a product containing THC. Another term less often used is "cannabis" it would cover both CBD products and THC products. The classification is of hemp is just a cannabis plant with less than a specified amount of a single ingredient, it's still the same plant ie: cannabis regardless of the quantities of cannabinoids. Same thing goes for sativa vs indica, do your research, the ingredients are the same, sure the plants look different but so do variants of different apples but yet they are made of same ingredients. Indica was a plant from India and sativa was a seed grown cultivated crop. So technically all cannabis is now Sativa except for those specifically coming from India. A crop taken early will have uplifting effects, ie: what many perceive as Sativa effects and a plant taken late in it's cycle with amber trichomes will have much more sedative effects and many mistake these qualities of maturity as some type of classification. Chemically there is no such thing as sativa or indica. Buy CBD products from a local Michigan company online at https://medicated.club

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