Hemp vs. Cannabis | What You Need to Know

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  1. Doc, your hemp oil is wonderful. I even put it on a suspicious looking toenail. Was pretty as the others in couple days. I take it 2x daily.

  2. I have parasites in my stool , I've been drinking lemon water and coconut water ..I want them gone what to do ?

  3. Dr. Group never fails to deliver! What an awesome video!! Informative, positive and concise… We Love You Dr. Ed!!!

  4. Good to hear! Our question is if you start taking CBD for better health, say help with sleep, help with depression help with focus…what happens if and when you stop using? What are the withdraw would one expect if any? Thank you!

  5. I have trouble falling asleep or getting any sleep at all…..what can I do about this….this started when I took a job working 3rd shift when I was 19 years old….I am now 68 and I still can’t sleep!

  6. Thank you, Dr. Group! I love all your videos I've seen about Iodine. So thankful you are doing these videos.
    I have a question about Synthroid. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2002. I had no symptoms. I did have trouble with my weight and hair after taking Synthroid.
    I stopped taking Synthroid a month ago. For the past 4 months I have been eating Keto, doing hardcore intermittent fasting (22/2), taking your Nascent Iodine, magnesium, selenium, vitamin D3-K2, and vitamin K12.
    Is it dangerous to stop taking Synthroid?
    Thank you for any information and guidance you can give me. Synthroid increases one's risk of cancer by 30-40%.

  7. Thanx for the great info πŸ‘ I use many organic non GMO superfood powders and oils as well as detox regularly I stay far away from drs as possible at 52yrs πŸ‘€ = no meds or synthetic fake vitamins feeling great & lots energy

  8. thanks for the info Dr Group…plz correct me if i'm wrong,but is ''hemp'' not simply the male plant of any of the three strains?…thus the reason it contains low THC?
    we know that THC is concentrated in the female flower (bud),and therefore,also in reasonable quantities in the rest of the plant (stems,leaves)…yet the seeds have no THC.

    I read in a study (a few years back) on an ''off the shelf'' Canadian hemp ''seed'' oil,that the reason seed oils contain trace amounts of THC is due to the inefficiencies in the
    processing of the oil,which can not totally remove ''debris'' (seed pods,etc) from the oil production process..it claimed that although the levels are way to low to cause any
    psycho-active effects,they can still play a beneficial synergistic role in health outcomes from the oil…most hemp oils on the market ''are'' from the seed,yet some companies
    in recent years have dropped the word ''seed'' from their labeling..

    another theory i heard from a grower,was that ''hemp'' is nothing more than low THC plant,that could be either male or pollinated female (seedy)…this makes more sense,
    given males do not produce seeds, (but do contain small amounts of THC) yet seed oil contains THC that cant' be derived strictly from seeds..meaning there could now
    be hemp oils (and extracts?) on the market that are produced from male and/or pollinated female ''plants'' rather than seed,thus justifying the change in labeling.

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