Hemp Legalization included in new farm bill will stocks EXPLODE?

Hemp Legalization included in new farm bill will stocks EXPLODE? – RICH TV LIVE – December 8, 2018 – The final 2018 Farm Bill is expected to be voted on as …


  1. Honestly I watch all the channels associated with you but hands down you are the best! Every single advice I’ve taken from you has made my Direct Investing explode! Thank you Rich!!!

  2. Wow Rich i just saw a story on Village Farms saying there aggressively pursuing Hemp And CBD opportunities following Federal legalization of Farm Bill in The United States ! With the Biggest Amount of Space and Green houses at low cost this company could become a juggernaut in the Hemp And CBD industry ! This is Huge ! Micheal Robinson Teased a pitch about this company becoming a millionaire stock maker and now i think he could be right !

  3. I think the next round of earnings will show wall street that ACB is actually doing what everyone thought TLRY was going to do when they pushed that price up to $300 back in September. Hold on, you paid for the whole seat but you're only going to use the front edge.

  4. With all the excitement on companies like CRON, ACS, APHRIA it would be nice to hear from you on up and coming company’s, would like your view on Emblem, Harvest One and Rubican, Please! Thanks my boy Rich!

  5. The filthy demoncrats and their communist dictator Obumber made cdb oil a schedule one drug in the last week of their eight year reign of terror. GOD bless #45 and the Gobbler for making it legal again!

  6. Good old Mitch used a hemp PEN to pass the conference committee and move on for discussion and ultimate vote in House and Senate.

  7. Wow Rich in my state of Maryland they projected sales of Cannabis to be 40 some million but the first full year of Legal Medical Cannabis ended up being i believe 96 million ! That shows what a Monster the Business is ! Thats just Medical !

  8. im new to the stock market started playing with virtual games in late 2017, now since october i have 4000 in the market in acb and cgc. Should I try to swing trade them to get more money that way or just longterm hold them. I feel as if i should buy acb everytime it goes under 5 dollars usd , cgc under 30usd and apha under 4usd. Im just an 18 yr old kid and i feel like i can make a boatload of cash off this industry

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