Hemp Bombs CBD Review! | Anxiety and Pain Relief

My personal experience using the Hemp Bombs bundle for pain relief and anxiety. (This video is not sponsored, though I wish it was.) Please like and subscribe!


  1. Drs do not have a clue. They have training and it varies. They have no clue about nutrition. Gummies aren't good so aren't most oils. May I ask what you eat? This is the first cause of your gut that causes back pain. Back spasms are different in many forms. It happens because lack of nutrition. The body does not function correctly so you can throw your back out with a pinched nerve. Your body is over worked for whatever reason. What is your age? Do you take medications? BTW there are alot if drugs in what ppl consider food which is not food at all. If you take asprin stop. If you take antibiotics stop. They cause more infections and alot of infections specially during period time. You go to college that explains your stress levels which your body is saying hey wake up there is a problem here. You wear glasses. Not good. Exercise your eyes. Glasses is a old technology that slows the brain functions.

  2. thanks for the review beautiful this smoke shop where i live just opened up and they have this brand i gonna have to try them out

  3. what dosage would you recommend for social anxiety and to help deal with mental health? im looking at 300-1000mg but not too sure yet

  4. I’m glad you gave a review on this because I got the oil. What I can say about the oil is works for me. Wondering would you do more reviews on this again in the future?

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