Help Texans Who Need Medical Marijuana Today!

Today, nearly 70% of Americans live in a state with legal access to medical marijuana, including every state surrounding Texas. But Texans are denied this …


  1. Um-HMMM.

    And just which "medical" afflictions would all those patients in Texas be a'needin weed foh'??

  2. Ah, my beloved Texas. The last state to repeal poll tax. Don’t hold your breath on the dope thing.

  3. no one can help you but you i hate the fact that we have to continue fighting and re fighting and re fighting because someone wants to use these subjects as political agendas vs the hard fights that actually matter

  4. We are all adults. Decrimilize. You don't have to legalize and promote it but for those who want to use in the safety of their home it should not be illegal or penalized. Regardless of medicinal value.

  5. Big money pharmaceuticals don’t want marijuana killing their revenue. It’s dirty politics & business for profit, definitely not about healing sickness. USA inc Fascism is alive & well.

  6. No medical legalization soon, only decriminalization on the books. Texas will be one of the last states to consider this option. Only representatives can change the law not the people(state constitution dictates).(Texas) but I'll go ahead and donate, I'm down for the cause

  7. disabled iraq veteran, 08-89/08-93 – chronic health & severe PTSD for last 20+ years
    * I was exposed to Depleted Uranium in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, and the Anthrax Vaccine and other vaccines containing numerous heavy metals & animal based RNA proteins as we all did.

    I thought I was ok, but after i got out, I got food poisoning from Jack in the Box, and my body basically quit on me. I didn't know the extent of damage to my kidneys at that time, although I'd been hospitalized & or MedClinic'ed many times with stones already, it was basically the last day ( 20 yrs ago ) my body was somewhat normal. Subsequently…

    I'd walked away from Audie Murphy VA Hospital 14 years ago, until a couple months ago when I was having another kidney attack and thought I was dying since it had been so long since my last of dozens of kidney stones.

    They were shocked to see me, and I made sure they all knew I walked out on them because they hurt me more than when I went in there, the CT scan revealed both kidneys are now packed with stones. It's constantly very painful.

    My colon walls are so thin I feel I could rupture at any moment on my bad days. I don't drink alcohol, not even on my wedding, I don't do pills or powders, or smoke anything but Gods green medicine and I lived another 14 years when they had nothing for me but pills.

    ( backstory ) After about 20 visits to the ER, I wrote all my elected officials up to the Governor and someone made the A.Murphy VA hospital do the endoscopy thing, only when they took the biopsy they basically attacked me so viciously that I awoke from my coma, looked over my shoulder at the old CRT monitor ( 14 years ago ) and i saw my guts, covered in some "neon green," almost tattoo'ed looking slim, and then they juiced me again and I dropped out.

    When I awoke I dressed and went and asked them what they found and they replied Nothing. I bit my lip and walked away, but by the time I reached the long corridor to the entrance, not my nature but I was yelling and cussing like a drunk'en sailor as loud as i could because i realized in that moment the truth, the VA is not there for the Veterans. I felt & feel so betrayed by the Veterans Administration.

    I don't know what they are really there for, but their interest is not in any way to cure anything, to restore a modicum of our self dignity, because now I look back at the decades I've lost to chronic health and I shamefully see how I now have no value anymore to the world or myself.

    One of the few things that brings me joy in life and sorta of makes things not so shitty is holistic medicinal cannabis, and I'm deemed by society a criminal for finding relief from it. It's not fair.

    I think about how my life has turned out and I can't understand why anyone could be so arrogant as to block pathetic me access even in the privacy of my home. I've watched numerous veteran testimonial videos and you know what I get from it, tears. Because I really thought it was just me.

    I mean my PTSD, I thought it was just my temperamental, loner, weird nature. Then I learned about PTSD, and the Anthrax & heavy metal, animal RNA based Vaccines I received while enlisted and it's Shocking… Now I see many Veterans have allot of the same problems and find relief in the same remedy as me.

    Kind of makes my life a little less shitty if that makes any since, I mean that it's not just me… I identify very powerfully with some of the veteran testimonies regarding PTSD I've recently found. I heard one soldier say she thinks about dying every day, I've been there, it's real. And if she finds relief in a natural holistic plant we've named cannabis, she is a criminal – where is the justice in that ?

    I'm so tired of being looked down on. And at some point, enough trying to heal really is enough. This one Vietnam vet was saying he'd been trying to heal for 40 years, he has me beat by 20…

    * In closing, for all you self-righteous rocket scientist politician hypocrites who'd never take the time to read my heavily abridged testimony, maybe GOOGLE: "EndoCannabinoid" and LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF before your so fast to take away my liberty.

    What really sucks I'm a born Texan, and now because of their pending vote which we're all waiting on and yet I already know the outcome of, I have to move out of state because you politicians are to self-absorbed with your "career" to break the status-quo by going out on a limb for every veteran, cop, fireman, abused housewife, and raped daughter along with countless others suffering of PTSD.

    People who's shoes you politicians couldn't even walk in for a day, let alone the last 20 years of my life, all the while knowing no one cares, that crap gets real old … Followed by nearly everyone saying I can't believe 22 veterans are choosing to kill themselves daily…


    … 22 a day … yesterday
    … 22 a day … today
    … 22 a day … tomorrow

    * 22 Texas veterans will take their life today – Cannabis is an effective relief from the many symptoms of PTSD & Chronic Health.

    * 22 – Do I have to be this statistic for you people to open your eyes ? Would even that be good enough for you ?

    * It's Time…

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