Help me Gender my Cannabis Plants

Experts please advise. I have 7 plants in my back yard that i do not know how to tell the difference between males and female plants. I have provided close up …


  1. The Rest Id Let Grow Up A Lot More Within a Few More Weeks They Will Shoot out with white hairs and soon after they turn orange. And You know its female at that point

  2. H4🍌🍌🍌 100% Male 1:17 Males have Sacks They Look like Lil Green Footballs. Best way i can describe for beginners who cant tell, but when they open and spread pollen it will look Kinda like a bunch of bananas🍌🍌🍌

  3. Love that you did this video! I’m in the same boat right now with 7 plants, trying to gender them! This really helped and confirmed my thoughts that at least 2 of mine are definitely female! Thanks!! 🙂

  4. In my experience with seeds It's been almost always 50/50 male and female. I've been growing outdoors for over 10yrs now and can't always afford clones. Clones or fully feminized seed are the only way you will get for sure 100% female. I started 20 seeds on April 14th ish. As of now I for sure have 9 females, all of them with pistols and no "balls". From now on check everyday you will see pistols soon on a couple of those. H4 and H8 look very male. It could be any day now so try to be patient. If those balls open you will get seeds in females. I got rid of all my males over a week ago

  5. H4 is deffinetly male the rest appear female but could possibly be hermaphrodite, keep an eye out for any clusters like that in H4

  6. Yes h4 Male rest are too early to tell. Look at all the nodes tho because sometimes you may see sex show on lower nodes first

  7. Yes for sure H4 it is Mâle and other for me no more time for see. Wait more some day and remake video if you don't know what this

  8. It also seems very early to tell if the other ones are female in my opinion just keep checking them to make sure they dont look like h4 i didnt actually see any hairs on anything but as they go into bud u will no more ✌ and good luck

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