Help! Dogs With Epilepsy

My Fiancé and I have 3 Great Danes. One of them has Epilepsy and I’ve had so many clients recommend we give him CBD Oil to help with the seizures.


  1. Awe I dealt with this for years with a female I had she finally passed from the condition at 12 and we controlled it with cbd, it’s amazing stuff truly works wonders although as you know there’s no forever cure it will still happen just less intense and less often when we started there was less info and we winged it I used traditional oil drops on dog food I think there’s a lot a vet can tell you these days and a lot of specialized products

  2. I am so sorry! It is so hard to watch one of your “babies” go through that! I had a Maltese who started having seizures towards the end of his life (15 yrs old). My Vet thought brain tumor. We gave home meds which helped for a while. BUT that was a different issue than yours. However my next oldest dog who is 11 (but kind of an old 11). We have given him CBD oil & my husband and I both think it helps with his arthritis type pain & movement. I also take CBD oil myself. I would say you need to use it for a couple of weeks before deciding if you think it is helping. I live in KY CBD oil is legal here, marijuana is not. I have given my dog the same as I was taking, but I have mainly given him some I got at my favorite Pet Store. You also want to start with a smaller amount & increase a little.

  3. 4 Corners Cannabis is really good. They have a pet version. You want a type that is full spectrum. Look for a company that shows test results and grows organically. Also CBD is known to enhance certain medications if processed through the liver. A good search to do would be how are the current prescriptions processed in the dog body and if they are liver processed you would give the cbd in the morning and then prescriptions later. Or vice versa you get the drill. There are other good companies such as rooted apothecary and Charlotte's web. Good luck!!!

  4. Hi there fellow Austinite and Esthi, I had a UA waxing by you months ago. I am so sorry to hear about your pup. I hope this helps. Look for hemp grown in low pollution environments. No heat extraction methods. Avoid isolates. Learn who you’re buying from. Look for independent lab testing and a certificat of analysis. My mother is a subscriber of dogs naturally magazine and she gives her babies CBD oil for joints and anxiety. I asked and the brand she recommends is Source CBD.- She gave me all the info above to give to you. It's what she gives her pupps. I cant wait to purchase Mermaid wax. Best of luck with healing your family, building your businesses, and the your engagement.

  5. My roommates dog was epileptic. I could always tell when she was about to have a seizure(pacing,panting). I tried blowing marijuana smoke in her face and it stopped her seizure immediately. The vet will put your dog on phenobarbital which is a barbiturate and definitely not good for them. I love Great Danes and hope this helps.

  6. Danesonline had some great tips on their forum. I saw some people trying thundershirts and ice cream to help calm their pups after their seizures. HTH

  7. On Facebook, there's a lady who runs a page about her dogs. She has 2 Great Danes and 2 Pits. I know at one point she posted a video about her dogs and their meds. I could swear she gave them CBD oil. She would be one place to look. Her page is called 'Dogs and Other Unsolicited Advice'.

  8. There is pet CBD oil. My pets use it for sore joints and anxiety and it works well for both. I live in California so I can find it at my local dispensary. CBD regulations are trying to be better, but that doesn't mean all CBD is all bad, just continue to do your research.
    My best friends dog took phenobarbital daily for 10 yrs to control his seizures. After a lot of research she and her veterinarian talked about weaning him off of his Rx meds and use only CBD oil (they reached this conclusion after he had not had any seizures for a while.) Two years later, her dog hasn't had any seizure.
    CBD oil could potentially help your pup, but every dogs case is a bit different. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers for you all, that cannot be easy to see your pet in distress 🤗.
    Check this website out of various CBD product.

  9. I can hear the stress and sadness in your voice…I have recently dealt with a similar situation with my little Boston terrier Tango. Unfortunately he had a brain tumor detected through MRI testing😢 it was a long road getting to that test. (Months of misdiagnosis) hopefully that is not the case with your sweet Dane. I would like you to watch this video with thoughts of possibly changing his diet? You never know… it could be.,.
    I wish you all the luck in hope that you find a solution🙏

  10. 1. Congrats on getting engaged!
    2. I have a cat with asthma and even on medication he still has an asthma attack at least every couple weeks. It’s hard to watch our babies suffer.
    3. It’s also outrageous the prices they make us pay for pet meds that are also for humans. One inhaler is $400. 😓

  11. I work with people with various disabilities and disorders, the keto diet was developed for children with severe epilepsy and seizures, it is now being use to prevent, reverse and better manage many other illnesses. Hope this will help, also, know that many doctors and Vets are not fully informed or have an extensive knowledge of nutrition and the brain, so you will have to do your research and nutrition is something you can have control over in your dog's life, so just like many parents I know have done to help improve the life of their children or themselves. Best of luck and remember that self advocating and knowledge is power.

  12. Hi Kristen. I don't have and advice regarding you sweet baby boy, but I wanted to let you know that I can't wait to try your wax. I started using Starpil because of your recommendation and I really love it. If Mermaid is even better, then I will be a customer for life! Best of luck to you and your fur baby.

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