Hatrigo 6 qt Steamer Basket instant Pot Accessories

Get it Here – 6 Quart The original custom fit PATENT-PENDING steamer basket for your Instant Pot! 1000s of HAPPY CUSTOMERS – Do …

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  1. At this writing there are 4 thumbs down. Why? I'm really interested in this basket and it's in my cart on Amazon right now which is why I'm here to see if it's worth it or not.

    So, what's not to like about this IP accessory? Was it the robot narrator? Was it the build quality? Did the handle fall off? Did it rust? Did it fit? Was it hard to clean? Did it cut you? Are you an anal retentive jerk and just like to troll useful products when your meds run out? Please, if you gave a thumbs down at least give a reason as to why. If you've had a bad experience or just have your doubts please inform the rest of us. It's the responsible thing to do…

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