Hashberry – Week 10 of Flower – Harvesting soon!

I think we managed to raise the bar on hashberry compared to how we grew her out the last few times… The buds are definitely a little bigger this time around.


  1. Where can I get a legit a genetics?!! I been on vacation throughout the west coast gonna be headed to cannabis Detroit Cup here soon.. for first time growers what your guys prefer ?!?

  2. These plants were grown with NPK420.com Nutrients. I am so pleased with how well our plants grow with them. All month long they are offering 30% off to test it out before they take it to market. ✌️

  3. After tweaking you're feeding schedule i can tell the difference not sure if you change anything with this plant but I can tell a difference from when I first started watching idk something that's iv realize in growing most of the time is less is more in tell you find that perfect balance

  4. 250min in looks like a fucking purple forest dam very good grow how easy is that plant too grow /easy moderate/ or hard?

  5. As I looked up from taking a dab hit, I saw your camera angle underneath all of the plants, and I swear for 2 seconds I felt like a cat in a weed forest. 🐈 🍁

  6. Is there already a video where you add the steaks when opening them up the steaks are pointy? So they don’t tear up the roots? They never get mad after adding them?

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