1. Nice plant but seems kind ov small iv. Grown same strain got a lot bigger. Maybe pot size never the less Butifull job ✌

  2. Cropkingseed is just a seller. Most seeds are from Spain. I grew Cbdream. They said 80% indica. Stocky and compact.

    Complete bullshit. It was tall and spread out. Not stocky compact like they said in description . My Northern Lights (different company seeds)girls are stocky compact . I confronted them and they claimed I'm ranting and old fashioned. Failing to see "evolution". Lmao. I question what they actually know about their seeds . Plus they are pulling numbers out of a hat on genetics. Cbdream is more like 60/40 or hybrid 50/50. Fuck cropkingseed. Lots of different seed banks that make sense

  3. Duuuddee I know you’re already a reasonably well know og on YouTube but I feel like I need to let you know that your show and charisma/camera persona is perfect BUT! You COULD become the main “bud guy” if you just bought ONE thing… a microphone! Woah.. I just realised that if you change the b and g around you get “Gud Bye 👋 ”… hahah. But dude your camera shots are perfect for being able to binge watch as an inform/comedy talk show. An example of a YouTube channel format that I could suggest would be Rhett and Link (WATCH AN EPISODE) even if it’s just for a second so you know what I’m talking about. Put some rad pics of things you like up in the background, use the same room/desk for all of your videos and if you need to show any footage from outside then just add snippets of footage captured outside briefly in to your talk back shows, also seriously buy a mic dude, I personally fully recommend the ‘sure sm7b’.
    Ps when you broke the light… that was definitely the best thing I’ve seen in any video like this. Good luck bro and I’ll definitely continue to refer your videos for hints/tips and advice. You are the growing guru brudda.

  4. Damn it’s like you’re really trying your best to say “OG” as many times as possible. Aint no OG’s watching your videos 😂😂 dumbass

  5. Hey man great job. I'm not criticizing or hating on your technique because it obv works but can I ask why no gloves after all tht hard work seems like a slight waste but a very very small one. But damn great job love the videos keep doing it the right way brother. Cheers mate

  6. I love AK… even tho it tastes like, slightly earthy sandlewood. But it kicks like a mule. It's a man's smoke.

  7. What’s the best autoflower to grow if you want to hide the smell without using a carbon filter….asking for a friend😬

  8. How do people breed auto flower plants I was wondering that…. Do they use a regular male and use a female auto flower haha just curious was gonna try auto flowers when I get my seeds… And instead of ordering more thought I'd try making some you know save flow haha

  9. Just because you smoke weed doesn't make you Jamaican or gangster so stop saying "Bradda" and "OG's". Maybe lot of us aren't OG's but we just smoke weed.

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