Hardest Part Of Overcoming Marijuana Addiction Habit For Me

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  1. im trying to stay on that path to quit. its so fucking hard like you said but im gonna try and stay positive. thanks for taking time to think about how you can help others.

  2. So I started smoking when I was 14 and for about a year I smoked multiple times a day almost every day at first it was just something fun to do with friends on the weekends but then I started smoking by myself and I started to build a dependency on it to feel happy it’s so bad to the point when I’m not high it’s literally all I can think and I just recently realized I had a problem with weed and I started to notice my memory is horrible school is way harder then it was and I’m not motivated to do anything besides smoke plus when ever I try to stop I can’t sleep like at I’ve tried melatonin and that didn’t work I need help I want to stop

  3. This really hit me. I've been smoking daily and heavily for almost 3 years now and cant seem to get that first day in. And there comes a point in the day where I am faced with that fork in the road. Smoke or don't smoke? And I have always chosen to smoke. So I don't trust myself, or believe that I can actually make it through that first day. Because I never have, and I have tried so many times that my default now is to make the wrong decision. The self fulfilling prophecy of failure. But it needs to happen, my life is in shambles. I am so dependent on weed, my life consists of little else. I would love to get some more guidance. I know the key is to stay busy but I've isolated myself from anything social groups, as well as quit my job and dropped out of school at this point. So funds are low and so is motivation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Most of don't aren't aware that anyone can quit weed within a week or so – with no cravings – without having to expose yourself to anyone. There are many ways to go about it, but maybe try googling Nemery Thentel's website if you're looking for a quick detox program you can follow in the privacy of your home.

  5. You can’t be addicted to marijuana. I grow and I haven’t smoked in a few months. It’s good to stop and clear your mind, ya you’ll miss it but you need to get your happiness from somewhere else. Marijuana is a beautiful plant and radiates happiness, even when I don’t smoke being around the plant is enough for me. My advice is pick up a new hobby that you enjoyed doing as a kid

  6. Hey Gabriel, I appreciate your videos a lot, I have a quick question, well I have not smoked for six weeks, but I smoked only one puff of hash. I was trying to quit smoking, for 3 years in a row I smoked daily. I dont think about maybe going back to smoke for another couple months and stick with my plans. The question is, how can this relapse affect me?, will i feel the strong shitty PAWS again? Or will i continue from where i was.

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