GTA 5 Online :: Upgrading The Weed Farm Is It Worth it Biker DLC

About 2 months late I make a video about upgrading the weed farm. =) ENJOY!!! For more funny-ish videos Playing …


  1. Thank you for sharing this video. This is exactly what I searching for, I was wondering how much the weed farm makes without the upgrades

  2. I fully upgraded METH,COKE and CASH, i think weed is time waisting, better do Bogdan preparation when have time, i buyed cash only to link it at my nightclub so it makes money there but selling missions are annoying for 60k of profit and i do it solo so i think its limit, weed is bad but cool loking

  3. I had the weed farm but I spent 200k on supplies and made 146k so I shut It down now I'm making millions from selling crates

  4. Thanks so much bro this really helped me for someone who doesn't really have much money because I was debating on whether I should just buy another business or upgrade my weed business and this video really helped a lot !

  5. Dude. I got my cocaine and meth lab fully upgraded. I don't use my weed farm anymore. I think it's time wasting. But If you have a succesfull sell on cocaine with alot of people in the lobby you can sell it for 800K wich IS ALOT Just get friends and atleast one with a JEt so he can protect. I sold my meth for 600 K once also a good deal. But i think weed one is a waste of time

  6. This video actually helped me keep up the good work btw can I still play gta with you on Xbox one or no

  7. if you upgrade the cocaine fully which i have it makes 420.000 per 5 hours it takes 12.5 bars of supplies and in my opinion the best money making method

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