Growing organic whole plant CBD cannabis at Hey Bud Day 57 Headed For Home!

Think you can tell #CBD from THC cannabis? LOL! We have a little of both in Room 1 getting ready for harvest and we think you’ll be amazed just how beautiful …


  1. Hey boss Iā€™m looking for some CBD seeds where do you get your seeds cause Iā€™m in the same boat my back is jack up from a war injury

  2. I think I got my info messed up some how… I thought mostly white with a few brown triches was when to harvest for highest THC and mainly white with some still clear was for higher CBD… Thanks for mentioning that. Im gonna go redo my research now I think I just F'd up…. I miss + now too cause that was my research place lol but oh well

  3. Im happy to hear your able to go to Mexico. That's ALOT of money! Amazing how much cheaper they can do it. Nothing more embarrassing then your teeth goin to hell! Hate even talking about it. I've went through the same shit but unfortunately could never afford to get things fixed in time. I suppose I could have been like some people and quit my job and used the system but I could never do that. Damn shame though! Always enjoy the updates. āœŒļø

  4. Thumbs up my man good meds for sure !..I'm a 2x fusion surgery patient and feel your struggle dealing with the pain ,dude that blumat system is on my wish list but for now if it ain't 3 feet off the ground I'm not fooling with

  5. Your garden is spectacular, love your channel YO! šŸ‘šŸ‘ goodluck with your teeth. My Back is way better without any pharmaceuticals for over 8 years now, and daily toker, 40+ years šŸ˜Š

  6. Very similar thing happened to me, they wanted 27k for just upper implants, I'm presently working with another dentist for half that šŸ¤Ŗ. I've been told to go to Mexico too.

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