1. Is it just me or does it seem like they never actually give any useful information? Tell us more about the nutrients and stuff.

  2. I grow 100% organic. There are some sacrifices, but over all, it’s the best product because it’s the cleanest. I’ve noticed 99% of these large scale grows are not and cannot be, Organic.
    Stay small my friends, stay organic.
    Most do this for money. Most.

  3. "Im under strict contract not to share this with anyone"….to….. " Its so sad that people have to travel so far to get there medicine"

  4. I have over 180 acres of blueberry bushes that are 20ft or higher, I know how to grow! Just need to find out how to fit mine in Amanda, I have a total of 675 acres of blueberries, we use to think that the bigger the bush, the bigger the yield, NOT TRUE, it’s all about yield and quality… I can get more yield from 6 foot bushes that have been hedged from the first year and best quality care… the same as men think the bigger the pecker the best sex, it’s a lie, it’s all about technique

  5. Bloody drugos , feed them with cocaine An heroin , I like weed crack An smack in the same pipe

  6. Ive just watched a netflix documentry about murder mountain and that painted a total different picture right from late 60s up untill now 🤔…. 👍😎✌

  7. It’s probably Cannatonic #4 / 22% cbd
    If you want a THC of 30% try Greenwolf seeds, if you can get it !!!!!!!!!👍🤜

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