Growing Exposed – Desert Hot Springs Season 2 Episode 9

Growing Exposed takes pride in getting its viewers inside the biggest cannabis gardens in the country, and getting them …


  1. looks like some clowns wasting money. how do they even think its koo to throw away all those plastic bags.

  2. Thanks for showing us thia nice video, such a big place, how many people are involved in taking care of babies?

  3. Really lile this chaanel but this place seems to have a lot of plastic going to land fill on a regular basis and all big grows like this are killing the planet

  4. 700 lights!!!! What do you use to cool all those down? Oh a air conditioner the size of an apartment…omg :)♥

  5. i only use coconut water these days as a base nutrient..if you leave it to ferment for 24 hours you can see the bubbles can also add boosts to the coconut water like pk 13/14..or synthetics like hesi..there is no ph adjustment..and you buy it with your groceries at the super market..i start with an allmix including perlite..its the best weed i have tasted and grown to be plants dont need steroids with coconut water..its natures very own fertilizer combined with antioxidents and nutrients to feed a coconut for 2 years..its becoming popular was popular in the 60s and 70s to feed coconut so happy i stumbled across the method.

  6. looks like they only get 1 lb per light or less! smaller flower rooms and they could double their yield. Corporate growers… I shit 'em!!

  7. Mom & pops will forever hold down the true spirit of cannabis. I love the grow bags, we just throw them out.😳🤡 yeah you got a 1000 girls, look@ them burnt ass tips🤷🏼‍♂️ I wonder what the Rev thinks…

  8. Not hydro, just a drip system or the buds would be bigger. He says its all about canopy management, but they are not using the double trellis correctly.

  9. Holy shit fuck ive been anxiously awaiting another video from GE. I need to keep my eye on the prize and these tours of pro grows keeps me focused.

  10. Great 10 minutes of actual tour. Super annoying extra 16 minutes of bullshit filler, like every episode

  11. that operation is a polluting waste of energy. All that AC usage in a hot ass desert to grow thousands of plants seems greedy and not environmentally friendly at all. 2 million in AC and then you dont even have solar panels to offset all that energy used. I know you guys see the money and scale and get all exited but that shit is not the movement at all. Sick of these corporate style grows. Its all about small business not these middle men snakes that are tainting the industry.

  12. yeah , new episode gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 for sure. keep it up guys , u shoud get medal for this series no joke ✌️🤜🏿🤛👍👌🙌🏻🤠🙌🏾

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