1. That’s not a scrog though. That’s just a screen over an lst’ed plant. Not the same technique. Skeletal support at best. Where’s all the horizontal growth? Where are the side shoots that become main bud sites? Nowhere………..

  2. THATS WHAT I CALL A BIG MAMA nice plants!! Im doing a video to cover how efficent fertilizers are by growing a plant with regular water ec=400 ppm and no ph measure and other plant, exactly the same with the full line of fertilizers, controlled ec and ph to see what a diference does it makes!! Gonna be awesome I think. Kind regards from south america and keep on with the nice videos

  3. one video f per week is not enough man you should start a grow with some fancy strain like critical orangr puch or phantom og.Any how i congratulate you because i still waiting for your videos

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