1. Wow This Guy has said it Hurts farmland WHAT the Hell guy What are the Farms Done to the land The Dust Bowl all the harmful Chemicals they put in the Ground and that Contaminate Water Tables , " Who are you working For the Farmer Lobbyist " … and Young A hole Ocasio-Cortez … "I Hate Farts" Cow Farts … I Think she Smoke's the Good Shit myself … Sorry for going off topic, it's going to happen Shit The Big Money in it for all States and we all love money They are building a I Told you So , so we look right along … a Safety net for the Government … .. .

  2. Who is this man ?… in the Netherlands they have had Legal Cannabis for 40 years, they tried to tell the World about the Wonders of Hemp and it could Save the World from the CORRUPT companies that have killed the ecology of this Planet and yet the Dutch Model is never mentioned.

  3. Oh hey, I see you are trying to introduce a product that will make the world better, helps reduce CO2 levels as well as feed billions. Let me knee cap you compared to your competition that I am not going to even try to introduce such things to. 😀

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