1. with an affgani youd think crystals would be dripping. even reg affie is tottaly crystal coated. love the video tim, you r doing a great job. u give some vital info. thanks much bro. ur pal mike I was wondering aabout grimmdica scince years ago [ seen em in high times] I like vidacann and trulieve, but have yet to go to 5 or 6 of em.

  2. Looks greenhouse to me. I wonder how they grow there medication. And cure it. Idk I like the flower at the price but I wonder if the price point is based off of cost to produce the flower. Trulieve and muv flower just looks smells and taste better and I’ve been able to troll there grows online and see that there using industry standards technology which shows when the flowers are boutique. Fl is a great place to grow greenhouse. And the plants from outdoor farmings always have a deeper stone to me and a different look due to the sun. Lived in California and Colorado just my two cents. Weed nerd don’t mind me just my opinion I’m wrong a lot. I’m a harvest house fan. I just want to know what’s going on from seed or clone all the way to ash because it’s my body and my health. Other states with horizontal markets suffer from quality control I would like to see this new lateral market Florida put in that’s robs the patient of his or her opportunity to grow his own medicine. To push the boundary line of industry standards because if I’m paying for homegrown why wouldn’t I be upset I can’t grow a zip of this at 20 dollars a ounce total cost for most lighting. Use all that big money of some good equipment I’m afraid there gonna start linein there pockets like Colorado did with ehhh ass weed cus it’s cheaper to grow.

  3. Man, you are covered up with dispensaries in your area. I'm stuck with Truelieve, or pay deeply for delivery. We seriously need some deregulation in this State.

  4. Seems the stuff from the dispensary taste funny… Spayed with plastic almost.. That's why I grow my own… I Taste the difference!!!! What did it taste like to you? An aftertaste???

  5. looks good
    we have alt med opening this friday in jax

    u were so right about their pens etc all tasting the same. very earthy …my fav was the lemon bubba
    just ordered the sour one that u mentioned
    in flower

    did the sour pez have any flavor?

  6. Hey what's up bro just got some lemon tree from trulieve in Edgewater man it is some fire dude you must do another review on it it came in at 23% THC awesome and customer service at trulieve Edgewater awesome best in the world take care bro

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