Green Apple Explosion Cold Process Soap – a bold In-The-Pot Swirl | Soy and Shea

Green Apple Explosion is such a strong full on fragrance I wanted a strong In-The-Pot Swirl for this soap. To achieve a heavy swirl, I got my colours into various …


  1. Hiya I'm a first time watcher. You caught my eye as my daughter's name is Keeley 🤩 I'm in WA and I make CP palm oil free goats Milk soaps. I see one of your books was a milk soap book. I'd love to hear what you think of it 😃

  2. I love green apples! The scent is one of my favorites. Looking for that hubbabubuy recipe? Or maybe you could share one with me? Pretty sure I spelled the lolly (candy, correct?) wrong. LOVE the soap Keeley 🛀Jen

  3. Gorgeous soap! I’ve always loved NGC fragrances the most and rarely have problems with them. I just hate paying shipping 😆 I was very impressed with the milk soap book too. Good stuff in there

  4. Oh my, awesome swirls. They turned out wonderful! Definitely different. I love the way you describe the fragrance giving an in depth review and so making it easier to imagine the smell. I have the aromatherapy book (love it) and a milk soap type of book, but not from Ann Marie of Brambleberry. I will have to check hers out, also. Happy reading! A winner, again! 👍

  5. Hi Keeley! I knew you'd like this fragrance. It does smell a bit different after it saponifies, and you're absolutely right about it smelling like a lolly! This is my daughter's favorite and it makes great lotion, sugar scrubs, melts and candles too! I'm working on a body spray for her now in the scent, because she asked. LOL And to answer your question about keeping the smell… it stays and it stays strong! She gets a half of a log of soap when I make it and she stores her bars in her drawer, so her bathroom smells good all the time! Like I said, my 28 year old daughter isn't spoiled at all… LOL 🤣😊❤❤ Now, what can you recommend for me for a good fall scent? There's so many to chose from I'm having overload! Please friend me on Facebook or something. 🙂 And the difference in trace when you poured made a great swirl! I love those greens too!

    I checked out the EROMA Site and made a fragrance suggestion.
    I used to wear a cologne simply called "Cherry Vanilla" and The company retired the scent a couple years ago. I wore that one and only scent for over 20 years. I have not found anything close to it.

  7. Really pretty Keely. The greens work really well together and cute apple on top. A really good E.O. book to have, it's the one I own. I've not read the other.

  8. 🍏🍏Wow! So beautiful and I just love love love those swirls! WOW 😮. Just absolutely adorable with that apple 🍏 embed and the piping of the leaf was the perfect final touch!🍏🍏

  9. Just a suggestion could you say your kilos Ingram's or ounces we in America use those equations sorry don't want to offend you

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