Granola Funk From Bodhi Seeds Cannabis Marijuana Weed Strain Review

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  1. You cannot go wrong with the genetics in this stuff and it is phenomenal in a dry herb vape… Lavender (old school), Big Bud, TresDawg/Chem, Cookies (both the dough and OG gas), Green Crack, Skunk from the Appalachia. Imagine the pheno hunts you could run off a backcross. That being said, it means that what you purchase in dispensaries isn't always going to match. Most Granola Funk I have tried has a fruity cake flavor with some nice gas (and its that cookies gas) in the background. Basically, it often comes across as really good Cookies, kinda brings me back to what made it so appealing. Bodhi basically said he wanted to highlight GSC while improving the yield. He did just that, you do give up some bag appeal in the process but that is the least important. Sounds like your particular pheno is leaning towards that Tres Dawg side of things. I could see the Chemy Granola Funk being particularly energizing. If you really like that gas terp found in Cookies look for "Ether".

  2. Also, Granola Funk theater company came to prominence due to an infamous Colorado gathering. I remember being out in Steamboat Springs for some concerts and still hearing about the legendary stage they built. This strain is just fire, Bodhi is my favorite breeder. Do yourself a favor and watch his interviews… the guy is probably the most honest man in Cannabis and one of the better people on this Earth.

  3. Granola Funk is actually a theater group that performs at Rainbow Gatherings. Want to say that originally came out of Florida. This strain is great. It really captures what jamband/parking lot cookies were like back in the day.

  4. Granola Funk is or was a kitchen and camp at Rainbow Family Gatherings, I used to attend them in the late 90s, the last one was Pennsylvania 99.

  5. Jj!!!!!What's up,buddy? Just got my garden back up,finally. I'll email you,sometime. Much love from the glove(Michigan),

  6. That pheno looks weak. I went through a pack and the keeper phenos are super pretty. You need to learn to grow

  7. you might want to try bodhi seeds Appalachian Super Skunk. I've tried the mass super skunk thats crossed in to this… it has a funky unique minty/hashy/sweet taste.

  8. Beautiful bud JJ. Totally frosted out and you can tell it’s sticky oily as all hell just from looking. How long did she go? Got a few Wookie crosses going right now myself.

  9. 🗣 UptownGrowLab …”Can I grow with ONLY, FOXFARM OCEAN & SUPER THRIVE ??? (without using any other nutes?)

  10. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not a fan of terpentine, and wouldn't consider growing, buying, or using it.

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