GMO Marijuana users getting SICK Genetically Modified WEED POT 2019

mysterious syndrome in which marijuana users get violently Monsanto Creates First Genetically Modified Strain of Marijuana genetically modified marijuana …


  1. I've been working in the Colorado cannabis industry for years and I can tell you from first hand experience ALL of the legalized strains are modified and sprayed with chemicals. Plant growth regulators and pesticides have ruined the plants. It's so sad, but how else can it be legal? The government can't let the masses smoke REAL THC. They have to make people sick for population control reasons. Live in a legal state for a bit and you will see dispensaries recall certain batch #s because of individuals getting sick, extra chemicals on strains or pm and other molds or mites. Best thing to do is grow your own organically

  2. How is it supposed to be consumed by smoking or eating it somehow because I've read somewhere that eating the plant whole does the trick and stays in your body longer but I'm really not sure. Also would I take vitamin b17 just in pill form with a cup of water better yet how much or what amount would I need to take?

  3. Monsantos is the scum of tbe earth. And now Bayer wants in on the action. Bayer was caught 12 years ago selling hiv tainted asprin in our country yet tbe courts did nothing to the company. President Trump needs to shut those companies down now!

  4. Does anyone know where how to get? I mean I know just to find a dealer because they're everywhere but I mean how do I get the best and HOW DO I TEST MY STUFF TO MAKE SURE IT'S PURE and how do I turn it into oil please someone help

  5. I don't smoke Weed…. But I Smoke🚬 CIGARETTES. I was a METH ADDICT for 2 years. I was able to get out of that ADDICTION through PRAYER…. But I actually was READY to Quit smoking that Demonic Crap. That was over 10 years ago. These DAMN CIGARETTES have a hold on me WORSE than the METH did. I have cut back over time from smoking a pack a day to 1 pack per week…. But I enjoy having an occasional cigarette… I don't know if I will ever quit smoking them because it's my "ANTI-DEPRESSANT" Medication. I just have to have a Cigarette to stay SANE sometimes. We ALL have a VICE or "Security Blanket" but it's normally UNHEALTHY. What is your VICE? Please COMMENT and let me know what or who you are DEPENDANT on or Addicted to…. Let's share so that we DON'T Feel Alone because We are UNHAPPY. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. ❤

  6. cbd oil industry is as big a scam as the cancer inudustry. dont buy that clear cbd oil the gov and shops are selling its garbage and a scam. you need the real oil made from canabis, the black stuff. rick simpson oil is the best youtube documentary out there.

  7. Oh jeez! What did we expect. Once they started making it legal & growing what we are supplied. They love us so much. Sending you LOVE & GOOD VIBRATIONS💓💞💗

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