Global Marijuana March 2019 Vancouver

Canada’s cannabis ‘legalization’ is a lie, and we marched in the streets of Vancouver to make sure the public knows it! Saturday May 4th 2019, in solidarity with …


  1. Enjoy it now commie scum! Once Scheer is in, you pothead Libtards will be Begging Alberta for our money and jobs. Enjoy the fun until October!

  2. Legalization is for the corporations to make profit not for the people. I wish for responsible reliable representative government not the phony establishment that is in place where the only way to get ahead is to lie cheat and steal, but this is the world we live in.

  3. Ahhhhh is that Jody what’s her name Emery? Voted Trudope for legal weed with out a care for his support of terrorism and admiration of China. Tried to run as a liberal mp but was rejected by the party. Certainly ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed is she?

  4. Looks like a record attendance! People are beginning to wake up to this corporatization of cannabis and want true freedom. I hope protests like this continue to grow until these corrupt laws change. More people need to know about events like this, hopefully they are promoted at large gatherings like 420 more often.

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