Global Health News Ep. 34 | Medical Hijacking | Is our Healthcare System Keeping Us Sick?

Thank you for joining us for episode #34 of Global Health News, Truth That Matters with Ty & Charlene Bollinger! If you missed past episodes of GHN, catch up …


  1. Yes, unfortunately there has been a de-population agenda for a long time. Anyone who questions this just has to look at what is going on: Mercury in vaccines and tooth fillings, fluoride in the water, aerosol spraying in the environment of toxic chemicals like aluminum to supposedly fight " climate change", Planned Parenthood introduced (remember, they always sell it to you as something "good"), the destruction of the family, holding back universal health care in the US so many can not get the proper medical help they need, not to mention the many things that Ty and Charlene talk about that fit into this agenda too! The evidence is overwhelming!

  2. The background is too busy, it hurts my brain and eyes. Please use one that's not so mainstream and so busy. You don't need that. You two are enough!

  3. my insight on this is.. most people still cant get there head round the ..fact that something so simple as correct diet and many well know herbs can cure !!! even Cancer !!! and many other life threatening illnesses , They think how can something so simple replace such a powerful thing as a drug even though its well know -Now!!! that made made drugs -Chemicals !!!!!!!! do more harm than good. In a nut shell..
    they have been brainwashed into this belief system. …..Beliefs are generally formed in two ways: by our experiences, inferences and deductions, or by accepting what others tell us to be true. Most of our core beliefs are formed when we are children. When we are born, we enter this world with a clean slate and without preconceived beliefs.

  4. Susan Kohman also donates to planned parenthood. If I want to donate to planned parenthood I will not do it through another agency. If I donate to kohman they are the ones I want to have the money, not planned parenthood. kohman has no business doing that.

  5. I met a man who told me that his mum used to sit and weep most nights after he had a vaccination as a child. He used to smile and have eye contact with her up to around 2. After the vaccination, he was a very different child, much flatter and really struggled with expressing any emotion.

  6. The McDowell video shows how absolutely heartless the US "health-care' system is – Australia is getting scary with their pushing of vaccines on everyone too.

  7. Keeping people sick & on drugs is a profit center.

    Chemotherapy drugs especially demonstrate the horrors of the modern medical system. These doctors push drugs that they know have a low probability of success, yet they try one after another, while many patients get sick & die in the process. Many people are dying from the cancer treatments/drugs and not the cancer.

  8. Salute to Charlene and Ty Bollinger…two soldiers for change. I HOPE y'all come to Philadelphia for a presentation. My daughter and I will definitely be there to shake y'all's hands as we respect your relentless pursuit of truth. Damn good presentation here.

  9. Sad and angry this is what has happened to our country. Thankful to have you both at the front line of the fight.

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