1. WAY KOOL GG! This will b my first grow, got a 2x4x7 tent waiting on your photo strips to build my light🤞 Question: u have 9 plants 2gal pots in 4×4 what do u suggest in my 2×4 qty/gal mimicking your grow methods prob need a little space 4 error in case i hav a brain fart u nvr know about us NevadaBoys, But with your way KOOL informative vids, light build and wealth of knowledge it should b a recipe 4 success I HOPE ! any suggestions would b appreciated THANKS ur THE MAN👍

  2. hi my friend. nice video!!! for you wich kit have better from this two kits yours, the DIY photo boost or the other one with 4000k instead of reds?????

    thanks a lot.

  3. Greengenes gardens, do you have any idea on photo boost strip shipments? Been wanting to start my build!

  4. Looks great GG. I've got 6 White Widows under the 4×5 photo boost strip setup and they are loving life!

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