FULL INTERVIEW PART TWO: Cory Booker on Women’s Issues, Legalizing Marijuana, and More

Cory Booker is here and he’s talking about living in Newark, why women’s issues are important to him, the legalization of marijuana, and more.


  1. I love how my comment got deleted. Was it so outlandish of me to ask why the show only brings on people on one side of politics? When things started to turn political, I stopped watching because there wasn’t much representation or even talk about more conservative viewpoints. You’ll only be able to ignore us for so long.

  2. Wow excellent! I am very impressed. The media does NOT give this guy and their ideas (and probably others) the attention they deserve. Someday we will catch up..

  3. Yep he gives me good vibes off to do research. Done he has my vote!
    President Trump 2020
    Jesus saves

  4. The HARD🤣😂PARTY BOY, President? Yeah want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn 🤣😂😆😅🤣😂😆 using women for money incubators for BIG MONEY Con artists. Oh yeah, let’s just alter the reality of the masses so we can more easily take advantage of them 🤣😂🤣😂😅. Justify it with the actions of Billy & Barry. Two of the most misogynistic examples possible 🤣😂🤣😅😅 what a looser!

  5. People that support him should follow him on Facebook if you have an account. I feel so bad bc he gets so much hate on it and its mostly these racist trump-tards that just follow him to say mean things to him n put those stupid laugh emojis even when he speaks on issues like the ones he mentioned on the real. He & Bernie are my two top presidential candidate contenders for 2020.

  6. Adrienne tries to seem like she is into it when someone political comes on the show. But the whole time he was talking about the Marijuanna bill, she just looks vaguely and doesn't really majorly agreer disagree unless the audience does. Like she is like "IDK any of what you just said about wiping records, and implementing taxes, BUT IM NOT FOR WEED I KNOW THAT." Lmaoooo.

  7. I think he would make a great president, because you can tell where his heart is.# Women's Rights 👍

  8. I personally don’t drink or do marijuana. What are the pros of legalizing marijuana. I see it being pushed so much but I don’t see what the need is for. So if someone can just break it down for me I’d be grateful.

  9. The first man that actually gives af about pregnancy and postpartum and sticking up for women! Love it!!!! I’m so here for this!

  10. i think another reason our mortality rates are so high is because a lot of women still work a lot during pregnancy. Some may not have access to good prenatal care due to our health care system, and others probably are stressed because they can't get any kind of leave or insurance from their job.

  11. It's because doctors aren't using the science made available to them either because they are racist and sexist, or because they're stupid – most likely both.
    Medical error is one of the leading causes of death, and it doesn't help that American doctors namely get their licenses based on charisma, white and gender privilege in interviews rather than smarts and respect for science and equality. I can say that because I'm a white person; I'm a woman, but even so. I've def experienced discrimination from my ex female physician tho too.

  12. Well he's definitely on my top 2 list of in my mind : are worthy enough to be or can be for president ( on the democrat side )

  13. Degenerate What’s the Story Cory Booker..Are you going to bring your Strong mom when you need to Negotiate with Evil people such as President Vladimir Putin…Also no one believes you have a Girlfriend not even your Girlfriend

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