1. They keep talking about no studies being done. ISRAEL has been doing research on Cannabis since the 1940's. Why the hell don't we look into their work?

  2. I used to smoke a 16th of Afghan hash in a chillum before I went to work – jnr I.T. guy at the public library – got promoted, then went off got philosophy degree, ran a couple of companies, 40 years later, still puffing away……

  3. please Hit the like um red buzzer and beam me elsewhere …Where in the Sam's land can you find this tree of "like" um you know….Dont forget to pretend to like this timeline…

  4. Stop this bean footage….I see no faces.I am ashamed of myself for judging this on so many levels that "like…I hugged a tree.

  5. I think the people that are in this video are a bunch of entitled Lil idiots that are destroying what weed really represents. these entitles Lil fucks arw ruining what can be a good thing. yes education not regulation. but some of these kids didn't have parent to be there fir then ti make sure they wasn't smokeing. like come on 6 years old u started. where were ur parents this video pissed me off. though it was going to be good. of ur kids doing this it not the weeds fault it urs fir not being a parent. and of course doing to much of anything is bad. these people basicly tring to make weed bad bc these entitles prickes. are useing it to a extremely crazy level. seizure I laughed also when there saying I moked and the way there describe it is loke Crack seriousely grow the fuck up. I guess every time I smoke then smoke a cig I should watch out huh. give me a break. and srry to say there wring on the whole female thing hiw there's a stigma bc there ant with females alot of female promoting weed. the adults in this video gave and showed where cannabis really is about and these young entitled pieces of shits are disgraceful towards pot. srry put where the parents.

  6. 2016, more like a 70s eta documentary. Don't you love people who throw a new name on a video and download it to Capitalise off of someone else's creation.

  7. Marijuana becomes a "gateway drug" -because it is illegal – and when your dealer runs out he is probably going to have a consolation package of some other illegal substance on offer.

  8. There are personalities that seem to have a need to obsess about something. Know that what you enjoy, is just one thing amongst a universe of experiences, and that one thing is not all it.

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