Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary Surterra Wellness Review

Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary Surterra Wellness Review. Today we Check out some of the products Available at your local Surterra Wellness …


  1. So much to say but will keep it short. 😅. Yried the art's OG and had the same problem! Variable flow carts are the worst IMO. Tastes terrible. I bought the surfboard and pods when they first came out at a discount. I love the novelty of them and sooo discreet. But they leak. Both of them. So bummed.
    I bought Tsunami and loved it so will be getting the disposable next time. I buy the Relief syringe and use it in edibles or vape cart. But I always need something else to go along with it. It does help my pain though with edibles better. Another great review!
    P.s. This wasn't a short post😜

  2. Hey, Marijuana Vlogger! 👋 This is an awesome review. We're always listening and we really appreciate your feedback. Thank you for stopping by your local Surterra Wellness Center. 🙌

  3. If I am ever up in your area we will have to get together and make a super pit stop at trulieve and see what we can get for $600 and video the trip

  4. Just went to the Miami Palm Beach and vero trulieve locations picked up several different products including the Concentrate pen and I would have to recommend member Berry what a fantastic hybrid it is full of flavor and very relaxing

  5. I enjoyed the granddaddy purp cart I had was very nice. Had a captain crunch berry flavor I really enjoyed. Call for a refund or exchange they all aren’t like that.

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