Flooding in New Orleans: Heavy rains soak CBD

A round of heavy rain soaked New Orleans’ Central Business District, making roads impassable for a few hours Monday, August 26.


  1. You can't fix a flooded car like that. It will never be able to be sold again but for scrap. Who would bother. Your Insurance Co. would cover the cost of the car and not want to fix the flooded car either because they can't sell it either but for scrap. New Orleans is doomed by their democratic government machine of corruption and destruction..

  2. jesusthissosaidtobehappeningsomethingdamegottobedonequickdameshametoourcitywheretrumpatnowgodblessusallihopeitgetsbettersoongettheboat

  3. This type of stuff gonna run a lot of people out of New Orleans. People losing their cars water going in their houses and businesses. A lot of People are tired of this happen over and over

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