It time to harvest those buds and the best part about growing your own, first bounce… In this video I do some testing with a water activity meter and talk about …


  1. Nice harvest John … much better than the 4 plants attempt… but it was really messy, all those buds crawling everywhere…. With this equipment, particularly that Spectrum King that worth more than 1 month of my salary, you should make it nice and steady with a canopy level under control in a trellis. By the way I don’t understand why you don’t put your plants on drain tables , it will save you time and pain in your back when watering ! Anyway, it was a pleasure to see you growing your own , following your crops since 2 years now , I sincerely hope to see you growing the next crop like a Pro kush Grower 👍😉

  2. hi man ant seen you for time are you doing good , you have lernt me alot plez dont fade away .you gave us knowledge dont take it away, i do my own thing have a look at my vids see if you have any pointer for me teacher bless

  3. Does Mike still visit you once in awhile? You should do an episode with him in it. Some of the older vids with you and him were pretty good, especially when you guys were making things.

  4. G'day John, i live in Western Australia,just wanted to know your thoughts on growing in soil.
    I use a grow tent for Veg and Flower but put my plants outside in full sun during the day then bring them back
    in for the night. Is this ok ?

  5. Please don’t throw anything away I am a service connected disabled veteran who has PTSD and I live on $400 a month please send anything you can to me so I can have meds to smoke! My mailing address is. Shawn LeBlanc 203 West Main Street Delcambre, LA 70528

  6. your story inspired me. do another video of where you came from to where you are now i was living in pain till i found the right medicine like you. your grows are at the top of my list.

  7. Hope you get well soon ✌️peace from Scotland 💨💨💨✌️and happy 420 💨✌️✌️💨💨

  8. Hey can you tell me were you get your seeds I've been planing to grow my own medicine 😉 but any suggestions

  9. Can you press dry sift the way Frenchi Cannoli presses bubble? Dry sifting for me is easier than making bubble has because of my living situation. But I like old school Moroccan style hashish,but I want to try making a more refined type

  10. Thank you so mutch for excelent video, and for the answers questions about humidity buds. Keep go on, respect to you, Johnny! You're true scientist 😉

  11. Also quick question how come you didn’t bubble bag it ? Was it cuz you do the bubble bags with the trim and the nugs with dry sift I got so many questions

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