|Finger Lakes CBD| CBD Hemp Flower Review [Lifter, Special Sauce, Elektra, and Crescent Moon

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  1. Hey Shabazz, new sub here. I'm getting ready to place an order from finger lakes now based off of your reviews. I have a few questions though if you don't mind.
    Have you tried any CBD oils or do you mainly stick with flower reviews? I didn't even realize you could purchase CBD flower until I came upon your site, but it makes sense. Since Idaho doesn't show for cannabis recreationally OR medically, CBD will have to do for now. That being said, I'm having a real hard time with Whole Greens CBD right now. My first 2 orders arrived without a hitch within 3 days of ordering. I've really enjoyed their product so I decided to go with a 3000mg bottle of their full spectrum CBD oil… it's literally been a full month as of today and I still don't have my order. Customer service has been giving me a different excuse each week and I'm ready to drop this company altogether and go with someone else. I'm on permanent disability and since I got off all opiates, I only use CBD now for my pain and it really helps. I purchased some amazing shatter from Boston Hempire but that stuff is difficult to burn without wasting it so I'm looking to go the flower route. Can you please give me your honest opinion as to what strain from what company provides the best flower for pain relief. I don't really want something that couch locks me, but I'm open to any suggestions as I really value your opinion.
    TBH I'm surprised your channel doesn't have 100x more subs than it does as you really provide a great service.. I'm leaning towards "lifted" right now, but if you have a better suggestion I'm all ears.
    Thanks again! Have a great weekend. ✌️

  2. i been watching your videos yu might have to start smoking one strain at time so we can get a real review and not a mixed review of 3 different kinds at once you kno. Not only that youll be able to make more videos and monetize more. But also i decided to make my first buy from this video and try this CBD thing out, but what really sold me is the free Shipping and crescent moon. i was 2 seconds from buying from cbd direct cause they look like they got some cool strains. But finger is free so.

  3. On their lab reports they're reporting over 5% terpenes for some of their strains such as elektra. Most others report only .7 to 1.5%. You said they weren't as pungent as other strains, did you notice any difference with this? What are the best smelling flowers you've tried?

  4. Finger lakes pineBerry hold my #1 spot. I have tried 7 different companies. It down smell or taste any better but zero burn and the only one that had me floating

  5. Nice review. I was gonna mention that I watched your review on FOH and you said the Therapy smelled liked loud weed. So I bought an ounce of smalls and it wasn’t super loud and kinda dry n crumbly. I realize that their smalls aren’t necessarily the same quality as the full size buds. I actually emailed the company and said I was slightly disappointed and they sent me a replacement order, half Electra and half Lifter which were waaay better quality and smell. Either way, I was a satisfied customer and will order from them again. That was just my experience.

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