Fifth Element, 30%-35% THC!! – We Get to Giveaway $200 Worth of Nutrient From this Sunday

Fifth Element by elemental seeds is the most potent genetic we grow here. and she is consistently potent. whenever we test this plant we see between 30 and …


  1. .and for all you saying it's hard to believe 30-35% is hard to believe….we broke that barrier long ago with ghost train haze which measured in to take the cup in 2014 at 31% so five years later …a few more percent ain't that hard to believe

  2. Can you make some of your prizes available to people in the UK, I watch your videos every day, love your content and your passion, learning alot thanks

  3. I have been using general hydroponics line of flora series with the added ripen at 6 weeks of flower. Along with cal mag and unsulfured molasses. I would be interested in doing a run with your NPK line if you have even small samples for a few autos, no worries either way Cheers

  4. My number is 420 lol what's the rules how do I win from those great sponsors who hook up growers with their eqpmentand supplys

  5. Hey WizardNPK, Arizona has filed for a marijuana legalization initiative for the 2020 ballot! the state missed it last time around by a 49 to 51 margin… i hope it passes this time! thanks. btw, that stuff looks tasty! 😉

  6. Hey Wizard…love the content,awesome…bra keen on getting in draw for LED…when do I watch for tht?..

  7. Hello, I am building a grow room in the basment of my house. It is 10×12. I was thinking of 4 600watt LEDs that do a 4×4 bloom. Should I get fewer bigger lights or more smaller. Also I am growing 12 plants with the mind set if longer grow and making the plants into trees. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you 7ft ceiling.

  8. 30 to 35%. Are we talking total canabinoids? It seems to me that its pretty rare to see 30% thca. I'm not calling you out, just asking

  9. You can push a few Durban Poison maybe some critical mass in the upper twenties I just don't think over 30 really!!! I could be wrong..

  10. Being out of your time zone is sad with being here for live stuff , I will try . But when I wake each day, you are my go to page . Loving this page .

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