|Fields Of Hemp| Therapy & Elektra CBD Hemp Flower

Just a quick look at the flower I received in the mail today. Like, comment, and subscribe!


  1. I just got my sampler pack in the mail today! I got the 9 strain sampler. Iโ€™m so excited to try this stuff. The buds donโ€™t look NEARLY as good. Maybe itโ€™s the lighting? But I can inform you it smells like gas ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  2. I've ordered 5 different strains from three different companies. The reviews that I watched and read said that they were super dank, gas, skunky etc. They were okay but I was expecting more. Is the therapy really some loud fire??? I don't want to keep buying more flowers from company after company if its not exceedingly better. most of these strains arew very similar in smell and don't taste very good. I wish these companies sent free samples. I can't afford to buy and buy and buy to find the right company. I have sour space candy, sauver haze, lifter, candyland and Elektra. Sour space candy is my favorite so far for dankness and flavor (none of these are from fields of hemp). I'm about $200.00 bucks into flowers and I'm not blown away.


  3. Which of all of them have the most thc I find even tho they are of legal limit some have a more heavy eye feeling when having more detectible thc

  4. I just received my therapy oz from them Saturday. You weren't joking. It looks and smells so nice. They also sent me a bathbomb and 2 cbd honey sticks for free.

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