Feeding Cannabis Plants: Avoid These CRUCIAL Things

If you feed your Cannabis plants with any kind of bottled/bagged nutrients, you’ll want to avoid these things to have healthy, happy plants that produce hearty, …


  1. please will you guys talk about grow lights from high end to low amazon ones? Thank you for all of the good content !!!!

  2. Yeahhhhhhhh alrightttttttttttt nice very nice great video my friend I'm loving it love the knowledge bless up nuff respect cheers and growers luv

  3. He talking about the right way to feed plants. Nigga you need to learn how to feed your fatass right. He sitting down looking like he's slowly melting

  4. Whats the easiest feed for beginners? Starting my first grow tomorrow of 4 autos but have no clue about nutrients

  5. Thanks for the advice guys! I take my water, put my nutes, leave it for a night with a couple of airstones and feed my plants the day after (after calibrating my pH). Happy Sunday guys!

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