Farm bill will ignite the CBD market: Tidal Royalty CEO

Tidal Royalty Corporation CEO Paul Rosen on the recently signed $867 billion farm bill and his outlook on the cannabis market. FOX Business Network (FBN) is …


  1. Cannabinoid isolation and it will be just like any other ingredient. You will have to read the tiny writing on the back to know that it’s in there.

  2. 6:04 – LD50 rating for cannabis compared to alcohol is so different… cannabis hardly registers an LD50 rating for toxicity

  3. 5:05 – combustion of the cannabis plant creates 4000 + newly formed aromatic hydrocarbons (carcinogenic by products ) …. However, the phytocanabinoids in the cannabis smoke are protective compounds = patent # 6630507 , cannabinoids as anti oxidants and neuroprotectants

  4. 4:17 – CBD is psychoactive too…. CBD psychoactivity is different than THC psychoactyivity but the definition of psychoactivity is – capable of passing blood brain barrier

  5. Will THC be illegal again. Thank God for CBD. More Marijuana users will now be as sad as i am from jail.

  6. CBD oil is FANTASTIC! So far we've seen that it helps us sleep, reportedly it has cell strengthening properties, eye repair, much of our muscle & joint pain gone now & that's just for starters! We LOVE it!

  7. In three years, CBD oil, will be cheaper than Olive Oil. It is a marvelous medicine for many ailments.

  8. Henry Ford made a Hemp Fiber composite bodied car back in the day. It was lighter by far than steel, and significantly stronger. You can find videos of it on Y-T.

  9. Now it’s time to legalize weed on a federal level. Get going government.

  10. About time. Hemp is a big cash crop for more than just cbd. Fiber for cloth etc etc. and grows like a weed.

  11. CBD has so medically benefits. It has even killed cancer cells and control of seizure. And it is priceless as a pain medication . We are born with endo-canibiniod cell throughout our body. America medical community is actually behind countries like Israel and Spain for using canibid to treat patients.

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