Fake Brass Knuckles Cartrdiges: How You Tell The Difference

The hardware was the most clear indicator it was a fake Brass Knuckles cartridge. Also make sure to scan the Snapchat on the package. If that goes to a …


  1. Well fuck man, I ordered 10 of these because my normal vendor was out of stock. Never got brass knuckles before so I had no clue there were so many fakes. I got fucking fakes.

  2. Do you think $35 is too much for legit Real Dispensary brass knuckles carts I'm assuming it's without the text that's why it's $35

  3. Someone I know has been using the fake one, half is gone, just told him its a fake(Has the plastic ring you point out). Shit taste like NYC car exhaust which is why I am here, great vid, thanks.

  4. So your saying there's 2 labels one on the front and the back why not show it before you open it…. Please cause videos can be misleadingfrom the beginning of you opening it up taking both seals off and also taking off green locator sticker making it 3 stickers to remove

  5. Well i guess i bought a fale caise the ring on top under the mouthpiec is rubber fuck

    I guess i wasted 75 fucking bucks

  6. If you turn it upside down and the oil moves does this 100% mean it's fake? The only carts I've gotten that the oil doesn't move at all are the whick ones .

  7. Isn't it possible it's Black Market but it still has quality oil I have ran into a lot of black market brass knuckles but 80% of the ones I get extremely good oil in them

  8. I think I got a fake… I have pics of both carts. I made them come back and send me a new one. Almost the same exact bullshit cart. I'm kinda pissed. I trust this online place but now this shit is bugging me. The rest of their shit is fine. This Brass Knuckles crap looks not good. How can I send them? They might not be the best pics.

  9. I appreciate your video man but you'd be surprised here in LA theres so many shops in competition supply and demand well to the point I baught a fake one as describe real in this video

  10. Wait my oil is runnny and it’s starting to turn darker i still be getting high But I think it’s fake fuck🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. My shit has the little plastic thingy but fuck it i use to do coke this shit wont be that bad and i only use it like once a week couple puffs haha i usually puff on tree 🌳

  12. Roots? Straight TRASH. (Consistently low quality and efficacy.) Select is fantastic. So are W Vapes.

  13. can you provide details on the fakes like what is the difference between the fakes and real? I been buying these for the past few months and after watching your video I just realized that I been buying fake shit all along. Please provide clarity for us who have been scammed like this

  14. Unless you’re buying these in California they’re probably fake. Even here there is a ton of fakes.

  15. So what you’re saying is that it should be a metal ring in place between the mouth piece and the tube itself

  16. If you go to the website to brass knuckle is exactly like the one left the one I buy is the one on the left mines comes with the tampered resistant so ima keep getting the one on the left

  17. If I brass cost $25 is that a reasonable price? Or is it to low? I wanna know if I'm gonna get a fake before I buy

  18. Mine looks like the fake box but does have the stickers and lab test results. I'll need to look at the cart but does look like it

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