Extractcraft: Alcohol extraction using the Source Turbo in your kitchen

In this video we show you step by step instructions of how to use the Source Turbo to create your own absolute oils at home. Available at www.extractcraft.com.


  1. How many times do I press the button
    To set the altitude if I am only 3 metre or 10 feet above sea level

  2. 1st off an excellent product but Ihave a questione I'm At a elevation of 640' feet what would you set the you altitude for the source turbo at ?

  3. As for the over-flowing, (if plastic is an option, which it appears to be okay with alcohol your using) I would use a baster/syringe to get most of it into the bottle, then when there's just a little left, dump er in too. Just an idea. Great video, would love to try this thing out sometime! Cheers

  4. So if you dont want to go above 100 degrees to preserve the terpines when reclaiming the alcohol, does decarbing at 244 burn through the terpines at that point? What is the usage for un-decarbed? Would you need to decarb if you were putting it straight into a vape pen?

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