Expiration Date | Elevation Church | Pastor Steven Furtick

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  1. This is exactly what I needed. It followed up my devotion yesterday when God reminded me I don't need fancy things and visuals– He's already given me exactly what I need and when I submit to Him what I need to do for the day, He blesses it and multiplies it–exactly how He's always done it and continues to do. Everything I've needed Lord, You've always been…❤

  2. I have no idea how this young, male and white minister is able to cross all kinds of communication barriers to provide just the word I need to hear And Yet God I always gain so much from his lesson. All I can say is that I do believe Steven strives to stay true to the Word. Blessings to him and his family.

  3. Dude your teaching is incredible! This one really nailed it on the head for me. I enjoy listening to you reveal the word in new and exciting ways. Awesome!

  4. F feeling in adequate to help out to do because it's overwhelming. I recently had been praying that I don't miss out on what God has for me and I don't know allowing my fear of being inadequate or being insufficient to miss out

  5. Thank you God for seconds for karl and April and karli and karl regan and clinton porter bless you father god from this family in jesus name give us the bread..lord jesus that we my eat and not die in jesus name

  6. I’m not sure what you were going through on today Pastor but I thank God that you went through to push this message in such a way.. WHAT A BLESSING

  7. Thank you so much for this word, this is one of your most profound messages. This message changed my life, it was secret I had between God and I not trusting him. I spent 3yrs in depression trusting my job as my daily bread. When I heard this word I now understand and trust God as my Daily Bread the chains fell off I want to share this with everyone. GOD IS SO AWESOME!! Jesus is my friend.

  8. This was exactly what i needed. Didnt even know. Wasnt looking for it. Had to actually pause it long enough to get down on my knees to thank the lord for being there today and everday. And to help me know that he will provide not just today but tomorrow and everyday. Thank you for this message! It was perfect for me!

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