Experience Hash Bash 2019

MLive headed over to Hash Bash in Ann Arbor Michigan. The marijuana event draws thousands of people to its annual event in its 48th year.


  1. It should do a lot of positive things… However, Big Pharma, corporatists, and the police state have already been preplanning these possibilities. Circumvention on many levels, including municipal codes, will stall a multitude of movements in the positive cannabis direction for Michigan's economy. Big Pharma and Establishment politicians (both parties) have already been proactive–for once in their lives–to tharwt the movement for the people, and to capitalize upon the monies to be made. For many years, we've seen places like Humbolt Co. in N. Calif. come under the thumb of proposing a plethora of loops and hoops for growers to jump through. If you are not big money, big pharma, big oil, or the like, then you'll be squashed out. Unfortunate, but the real.

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