Ex-Cowboys Tight End Rico Gathers Arrested For Two Grams of Marijuana in Texas

In today’s exclusive, Real World Police brings you complete footage of the August 2018 arrest of former Baylor basketball star and very-recently-former Dallas …


  1. Just moving to Texas within a year from Florida where we voted on legalized medical use of marijuana I think the unprofessional nature these cops did at the end by actually taking him in for booking is utterly ridiculous…! A simple ticket or court date would be more than proper…! Over fucking weed… God what a waste of resources…! So full of shit about a no tolerance attitude here in Texas…! Austin cops will let you go with a ticket and court date with small amounts of weed… I have literally witness cops ask people caught with weed, crack, and meth pipes if they will openly turn them over for destruction….!

  2. I'm all 4 law enforcement but look how calm, respectful, and kind this gentle giant is….that is no criminal that makes me sick watching that man go 2 jail for something so stupid…. I pray your charges get dropped, and good on you for not arguing with the cops you have a great shot at dropped charges…God speed my friend

  3. Way to waste time and resources. Time for it to be federally legal.

    Edit – JFC 2g. That's insane. My joints are always over 1g

  4. Texas Department of Public Safety officers have been instructed not to arrest people with a misdemeanor amount of marijuana— less than 4 ounces in possession. I guess it doesn’t apply to local law enforcement BUT it should.

  5. Such nonsense. It's fucking weed. Now he got released from the cowboys. Luckily for him he was signed by the browns. Who are better anyway. (so weird to say that lol)

  6. Up here in Toronto I can and do have an ounce delivered to my door in 2 days after ordering online.
    For 2 grams the hastle seems severe.

  7. Wow that’s just crazy. Over here in The Netherlands we can ask a officer for a fire to light up a blunt…

  8. I wonder if any of the other officers in the department liked him as a player bc there buddy’s just got him kicked off the team…

  9. don't like it? ………change the laws………the Insurance companies rule this land, if the LEO let this person go and an accident happened the ambulance chasing lawyers would be ecstatic. By the way, I'm Pro-Green,,……………🎄

  10. Canada legalized Marijuana Nation wide in 2018 ..It is legal everywhere in Canada .. Canada is doing just fine thank you ..

  11. 2 grams??? Are you f..ing kidding me??? Let illegals cross the boarder but lets take down this "major" thug with a bowl of weed!!..OMG!!! Cops let the rapper off but arrest the ex NFL player??

  12. America it's time to grow up…this is not a Crime!!! NO VICTIMS.
    Notice the officers say Policy alot…That's because they are a CORPORATION AND ENFORCING CODES.
    Real Crimes have VICTIMS.
    This man is the victim of KIDNAPPING.

  13. What a complete waste of time and money (not the clip ! 🙂 ) . Two grams of pot….while its legal to consume ALCOHOL, what a complete pile of crap that is. Glad its legal here.

  14. War on drugs , longest war in American history aimed at the destruction of the black community for victimless crimes…..God bless Amerikkka

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