Everything You Know About Meth Addiction is Wrong

If ‘Breaking Bad’ has you convinced how awesome meth can be, put down the straight razor, take of your bowler hat, and watch this to learn what the reality of …


  1. "What manner of man puts an adder (snake) into his mouth to eat away his brains." ( Somebody said that. I didn't. I'm just repeating it)

  2. I know methheads… like real ones. .and this is not a true video at all. Sure, some can rehab/quit. But there won't be many who do…and they always end up looking disease ridden, become paranoid and try to steal anything they put their hands on.

  3. Meth is not addictive it's psychologic! Trust me i'm an expert,,it does not bother me,,,the problems are the people,the government and greed!

  4. I use g and im good..if you have a lot of self control its the perfect drug..use it for reasonable purposes please.. if your weak minded please don't try it..I use probably every 1-2 weeks to get shit done and the high is good but value your morals more..anything is bad if you overdo it

  5. They are glorifying it. I live in a city filled with addicts and they are FUCKED. ugly and picking at their skin. They all look like skelatore.

  6. years ago i had a neighbor who employed a meth addict to work in his yard. we got to know each other a little and were gardening on either side of the fence. she was telling me about her latest stay in jail and how her sister was a counselor for drug addicts and i laughed and said, "the irony!". her face dropped and she said she didn't expect that from me. i told her i was sorry and that i wasn't judging her because i'm no saint. thank goodness she relaxed after that. it just struck me so funny at the moment.

  7. The entire lifestyle is just low life some people are too degenerate in the first place to even know how to use drugs and the natural ones in the natural way.

  8. For me (me) meth is more chilling than weed. What i'm saying is meth just makes your brain left the building

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