Episode 43: Latest Research in Cannabis Cultivation with Dr. Allison Justice

Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to prune and train your plants? And what’s really going on in the curing process with cannabis? These questions …


  1. Mature leaves are not sinks, this includes lower leaves… I'm not sure why she proclaims "all" lower leaves are sink..It's not accurate.

  2. At 1:04 she starts to correlate the human produced co2 with the increase in the buckets… but did we consider temperatures? I believe a lot of metabolic activity is occurring in curing and the ethelyne production she mentioned steers me that way… more humans in the room , higher temps , higher metabolic activity, higher gas production ..

  3. I didn’t hear the potency comparison between led to HPS? Did I miss it? Cannabinoid profile not metabolites…

  4. fox farm is number #1 BUT why is it,do you think its cuz cost,i do my nutes last so friggin long,i look for the best,in most cases its most expensive,apt people sometimes don't have space to mix,i dont think its that evil,if you take time,i use a citric acid to grab salts better in end flush,i mean 300 ppm is not bad? thats what it is after nutes

  5. there are purple stem strains that are strain specific,3 seed growers have said this they would know,some have been working with these beans 20 years? im seeing holes in this,as he said cold can bring on the purple stem,if he didnt bring it up,she wouldn't have said it,id like to ask her questions

  6. then why when my bottle nutes,i follow chart,i get a perfect plant,i cover base and micro nutes use the chart works perfect,amazing buds,amazing yield,my plants were never sick,one time used half recommended,i got 3 deficiencies,get real reviews on company go from there,i find this is a biased discussion still good,but i feel her saying its all bottle nutes,you get what ya pay for

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