Time for a long overdue update into my progress with CBD and a quick look at some more great products from CBD GO. CBD PRODUCTS FROM THIS VIDEO …


  1. did you finish the pharmaceutical drug withdrawal? hope you're doing great. have you looked into detoxing from that stuff, etc. especially targeting the liver but also keeping in mind when liver cleansing etc. that the main way toxins leave the body is thru colon/intestines which ideally would be active 2x/day+..?!?! i share as a student not teacher so anyways all the best to you on your journey and hoping the best for your fam..! : )

  2. Hi Andy, I’ve been on meds for ptsd and severe anxiety since my teens after a traumatic experience, I lost my mum at end of may this year and started looking at myself in detail, I was on Valium, pregablin. And sertraline , I have come off all 3 gradually, and now stopped, I changed my diet, lots of oily fish, no caffeine, and just generally looking after myself, cbd has helped me a lot, but I have found personally it’s a trial and error process, sometimes my anxiety got worse with certain cbd, what suits one person might not suit another person, I’ve realised 30 years on meds has just numbed me, I think an important thing I’ve learnt is we have to help ourselves, as I was always relying/ hoping on a magic pill from doc to cure all my problems! Keep up the good stuff, damian:)

  3. Hi Andy, many thanks once again for another great video. Ebay and Amazon's official policy is now that CBD is not allowed at all and although there are still CBD products listed on both sites they have been systematically removing CBD products and in the case of PayPal have also been freezing peoples funds / company accounts. Because of this unfortunate situation we have now withdrawn all of our products for sale from both Ebay and Amazon and so for the foreseeable future our products will only be available for sale through our own website. We do hope that this helps, thank you. Take good care of yourself now all the best.

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