Eastern Medicine: Journey Through ASIA – Episode 1 | Japan – Land of the Rising Sun

Welcome to Episode 1 of “Eastern Medicine: Journey through ASIA!” We hope you’ll be inspired by these amazing experts, groundbreaking techniques, and …


  1. Tkyu I've been through chemotherapy and radiation to the Head and it's caused and throughout the last 15 years of my life it has caused havoc on me I was wondering if anybody can tell me the signs of stomach or pancreas cancers cuz I really don't think the chemo and radiation did me any good but I'm still here it was throat cancer and Graves myopathy that's a disease where your body pushes your eyes away from your body yep LOL they were popping out of my head now they're sunk in my head after all the surgeries and radiation pregnazon much appreciated I know this is long I apologize I'm just sick of being sick one more adage can't afford any of these treatments cuz now I'm on Medicare instead of my work insurance

  2. It is not a death sentence there is hope for all who propose who question the normal and let food be thy medicine

  3. This is so well done. I was aware of the takeover of the medical field in 1910, also during that time Rockefeller bought the Encyclopedia Brittanica. Imagine the power you have if you control information. One wonders just how much of reality we truly are aware of with so many self imposed belief systems we put on ourselves. I particularly liked the Hado water segment–healing is holistic. Much Respect for all the interviews and as an American It gives me hope that one day America will see her chains and break free of itself.

  4. This series is insightful and we need to know more about how we can be aware of how to keep cancer at bay, but
    also to deal with it if it comes. I've had it twice and do know your immune system is vital to fighting it.
    Thank you for allowing us to see these other countries and where they are in dealing with cancer.
    Hopefully there will be an awakening and more choices show up and allowed. It is our body and life.
    We get to choose. In Canada we do have more choices, but my first one was such a shock I didn't know I did have choices.
    I'll not have chemo again. The 2nd one I didn't. I am still here.
    Take charge of your own life. It is given to you. No one else.

  5. Dear Charlene and Ty Bollinger to you and your crew, to all amazing doctors that you are interviewing THANK YOU FOR YOUR MISSION, FOR GIVING HOPE and BRINGING LIGHT in the darkness !!! God bless !!! Amazing 7 episodes, informative and positive, thoughtful and trustworthy, bringing faith, teaching love, patience and spirituality!!!

  6. Thank you for your research. I was treated with a bone marrow transplant in 1974, I was not the first patient, but I think I was the first patient in the world treated for severe aplastic anemia. In this period I was treated with a lot of Prednison, Orgametril and Oxymethalon. All very toxic medicines. I still don't understand what these medicines could have contributed to my health and I rejected the bone marrow from my father. Doctors just do something, you're a guinea pig. Anyway, after I was released from the hospital in November I got very ill in February 1975. I threw up everything I ate (and I had and still have a very good stomach) as a result from the medicines. The doctors forced me with proceeding with the medicines again. I didn't make sense to me. What's the use of taking a medicine if you're throwing it up. I thank myself that I was a stubborn teenager. What would have happened if I kept taking these medicines? They probably would have turned me into a patient throwing up everything, exhausting me, make me weak and eventually dying from a leak of nutrition. I throw all my medicines away every day and didn't tell my parents anything or the doctors. I had to follow up my blood tests twice a week and knew what the results should be. Guess what, I turned out fine in now time and I'm still here after 45 years.I guess the doctors at that time did everything to their ability, but still today I have vivid memories about some doctors that didn't connect to people/patients. What I learned from this. Believe it or not, I think I've visited a doctor maybe 5 times in 45 years and learned again that you must be your own doctor. Had a problem with my back many years ago and got muscle relexants, which didn't help and made the problem even worse. Had a skin problem and got cremes that didn't work, I ended up making my own cremes and shower gel. Went to the doctor for a natural hormone creme for my (very severe for over 6 years) hot flashes. Couldn't get it in the Netherlands and found out that I could order it from England. I can go on and on. Be your own doctor. Mother nature provides everything you need.

  7. Thank you very much for your hard work to find the best therapies to threat cancer and to share with the world! May God bless you!

  8. You are doing wonderful work. Loved learning about nature's cures. The people you interviewed were so interesting. Thank you for sharing this information.

  9. Great video series, thank you so much for putting this together. Was watching one of the videos where it was mentioned a way to decrease or eliminate EMF's in the home. Could you please elaborate.

  10. Can someone please PM me and send me episodes 3,4,5 and 6? I would be really glad for that. Unfortunately I missed it 🙁

  11. You know something is worth looking at or working when the government calls it "quackery" as they just did to RIGVIR. See what was published in Wikipedia.

  12. This is the only episode that Ive missed..glad I've found it here. Amazing journey I am learning it alot. God bless u and Ur team sir

  13. Thank you Tay and team .. you are doing a great job . How can I buy the entire series of this documentary?

  14. Interesting. The first 2 Japanese doctors seem to only talk about treatment like electric current, etc but don't seem to talk about nutrition or lifestyle change which is absolutely necessary. Cayenne pepper tea and carrot juice has been known to shrink and kill brain tumors but that's not even mentioned.

  15. I will no longer purchase products from Bayer/BASF, and will let everyone I know the same … I can't believe they provided Nazi concentration camps 😢

  16. God created all these different plants and herbs 🌿 for a reason, yes even cannabis, this is why I always strive to look for alternative medicine, try to eat better and organic and drink herbal teas. thank you for what you do, I will definitely share!

  17. i wish all the episodes would be posted on youtube for the 24 hours as well as on their site. we don't watch long programs on our small computer screens and if it's on youtube, we can watch together on our larger tv through roku.

  18. Hi …it’s awesome what I’ve learnt…I’ve got two family members suffering from cancer….still trying to convince them about alternative cancer treatments…..Thanks again…it’s so enriching

  19. My father cures his metastasis cancer with plant base diet and juice extract protocol of Gerson Therapy but with out coffe enemas and with out organic fruits (Mexico city) take six months.

  20. My brother had cancer, but as soon as they started chemo and radiation he got so very sick, and was dead shortly after. Not saying he would have been fine or lived out his life, but even doing nothing would have been more merciful. Poisoning, radiating and destroying his immunity until he was attacked by opportunistic infections was what caused him the most misery and suffering, not the cancer. In the end he said he wished he had never done it, but they practically forced it down his throat and gave him no other options. Keep spreading the word, standard treatments are barbaric because they are ever so profitable.

  21. I wish I had seen this sooner. I’m hoping now I can help someone else. Fantastic docu-series. Thank you from doing this and uploading onto YouTube!

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