DWC Miracle-Gro Cannabis Experiment Part:1

Hey whats up guys,I have decided to put all of the Miracle-Gro Tall Tales to the test right here on my Channel,This experiment will Document A Cannabis Grow …


  1. Cool man, I just kicked ten plants to bloom with the micacle grow bloom food, 15_30_15. This is my first time growing so I'm basically just pissin in the wind, but oh well, it is FUN

  2. You are using the Miracle-Gro product designed for growing tomatoes with an NPK of 18 18 21 . You should be using Miracle-Gro All Purpose NPK 24 8 16 during the vegetative stage, and then use Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster with an NPK of 15 30 15 when it's time for blooms. Do it right then make the video.

  3. cool science experiment. i use miricle grow in my vegi garden and almost everything thrives. for some reason i cant grow dill.

  4. If your up for an idea put molasses unsulphured 1 tsp per gallon of water in one of your merical grow buckets it might surprise you.

  5. Did u mean to get the vegetable miracle grow and not the regular? The vegetable formula is very different. Good luck, I hope it all grows well 🙂

  6. michigan man ny cat has a plug up there they keep bringin this shit called gummi gear or some shit i dunno 225 a zip wish i knew what they were gettin it for well the get mass lbs but still shit they said 800 for 4 zips

  7. Yeahhhhhhhh alrightttttttttt nice very nice wassup my brother I just subscribe like and hit the bell glad I'm here to see this grow and follow it all the way..we never know bless up nuff respect cheers and growers luv

  8. Great looking lady's right there!! Check out my channel and optic 1xl grow so far and let me know what you think .Cheers ✌🇨🇦🔥😎

  9. i have always wondered about this but never tried because everyone always talks shit about Miracle-Gro,But to be perfectly honest i think about it alot,I am tuned in brother………keep it green

  10. That's what tf im talk n bout neighbor…it aint about the nutes cuz they all source the same mineral from the same deposits..light, water, & co2 is what matters then grower skills.
    .n u cant go wrong with the hard hittin bd i been breeding with it since 2011…2 stankin thumbz up🔥💨💨💨💨😝😝💪👍👍

  11. Can't knock it until you try it! That's what growing is all about.. experimenting with different techniques and strains until you find the best of the best. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Thanks for sharing your experiments and as always.. KEEP IT GREEN!

  12. Isn’t there something that doesn’t flush out that’s in miracle grow ? I’ve herd that it’s not good to injest or smoke not sure though

  13. you are very talented and I learn so much about horticulture every video you share, thank you for this services

  14. Nice to hear that voice again
    It’s been a hot minute dude
    Super healthy looking plants 🌿💯👌

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