Durian Picking Day 2019

Many typical durin take about two months from flower to form into fruit. The fruit roughly mature usually take three month after the pollination from. It is famous as …


  1. Beautiful durians the baby love it is very clever to catch the durians from the sack so it don,t get. dirty very good idea thank you for sharing your beautiful food enjoy thank you

  2. I thought Durians when ripe are suppose to fall down. Thailand durian(Monthong) is by picking from the trees. I've learned something today. Thanks a million.

  3. Beautiful fruits king of fruits healthy foods fresh from the farms wish I can eat as much as. I can eat love all the fresh fruits and healthy foods in Singapore thank you for sharing Bless you all have a good day

  4. Very healthy and so delicious fruit nice I also promoting fruits in my country Philippines thanks….

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