Dumpster Diving- One store threw away $1700 today

Corporate waste in America is unreal. It’s sad that in one day I was able to find $1700 retail worth of merchandise. Saved it from the landfill, and will be able to …


  1. i would love to score on coffee.. but have not found any.. keeping my fingers crossed to find some .. nice job

  2. I would love to have all those vitamins and cinnamon , herbs you are so blessed ❤️❤️❤️ i pay 💰 tons yearly on that stuff ❤️❤️

  3. I would love to have some of that coffee and caramel syrup. I'm starting my last semester of nursing school soon and most of my diet will be coffee, :D.

  4. Good video.on this one i can take 5 of the decaf coffee and creamers if you scored any.i can pay you.also for SHIPPING.


  6. If u want to donate any of your finger nail polish nursing homes activity dept thet do manicures for the ladies

  7. I came from Scrap dogs channel and I am watching your older videos so far I like what I see Thank you. Are you located on the West coast? Because we dont have the violet bars here in the south would love to try one.

  8. Gummy’s do go bad, also whiting products like the month wash and strip go bad and can actually ruin your teeth be carefully using that stuff if expired 😐

  9. That wheeled luggage w/the broken wheel will still make for an awesome storage box for under your bed. Just saying…😊. As long as the box/bag/bottle is still perfectly sealed, use it!! It’s fine and as you said, how much out of date medicine’s in our own bathrooms? I’ve had this conversation w/my own Pharmacist and it drives him nuts, especially as he came to Canada as a refugee from Africa and worked his butt off to make a life for him and his Family, how much he has to toss because of the various laws and regulations give him no choice in the matter.

    BTW, that glittery nail polish is great for Crafts Paint. I make Christmas Ornaments from the bowls of plastic spoons and it works like a charm for those. Also because they’re usually just a clear base w/the glitter, I use them for my final coat because you’re also getting a varnish coating over it that also helps to seal it too. Win win!!

    Holy Crap Girl…You could open your own Coffee House w/that haul. Knowing what Green Mountain, Starbucks and Newman’s Own costs….Yes, that is beyond insane!!! Same w/Ceres Juices. Just unbelievable!!

    Brand new Sub and really liking your channel so far. Not liking the waste obviously. I also watch The Daily Divers and when they find a stash of Baby Stuff tossed that’s perfectly fine? You do not want to hear Josh spout off about how it could all go to a Shelter. Great publicity for the Company, a great amount of help w/the Donation, but do they? Nope!!! Got to toss it instead. At least they do clean it all and donate it where it can do the most good, but I’m w/him. Knowing how badly Shelters truly need Baby Things and then to see them just tossed!?! 😡😡😡

    Sigh….Can you tell this drives me nuts? Anyway, thank you for doing your part in trying to keep the landfill a little less filled. 😊

  10. Great video & haul! I just found you on youtube & subscribed. Love all of the amazing items you found. Especially the coffee & chocolates.

  11. U have balls gurl , that’s why I ONLY go at night time ! Lol 😂
    Only watched the first minute & cannot believe your score !!!! With both dives u got about 3000.00 worth of product ! Love ❤️ love ❤️ this channel

  12. Most meda are okay to use up to 4 years past exp date, according to my pharmacist, even prescription drugs are good 1 year after exp date as well.

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