1. Man that acid can be very dangerous it can cause serious injuries the possibility of a landfill fire or a collection truck fire is very high if you see stuff like that in the future call the company it could save a life another nice video thanks for keeping this out of the landfill

  2. I think you might be missing a trick here,
    Maybe you could advertise the grabbing stick in your merchandise list.
    My fee is only .3%

  3. mike the scavenger, you should check out Tucker Upper youtube channel.
    the whole video is good, but go to frame 13:30. he is using a cool wire stripping device, maybe you could do with one of those.!!
    Or the is a wire stripper worth it video 27/07/2019

  4. Right when he asked if the box was burning it suddenly turned into a horror movie for me, “GETOUTGETOUTGETOUT YALL GET MOOOVING GET OUT BRO LEAVE RIGHT NOW.”

  5. Those roaches won't hurt you ……. until there is a nuclear war and they grow huge because of the radiation 😉 😉

  6. Greeting Mike i take that round piece of metal and make a mask, love your video they inspire me to create . Peace love and light

  7. U should have called someone to pick up that acid. If it goes in the back of the garbage truck it may burn the truck down.

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