Hey guys! This video took a couple of months to film.. some states I had no luck at all and didn’t include them in the video. I had so much fun exploring new states …


  1. Could you do a giveaway sometime?, for things you find but don't want for yourself, it would be really cool and also I can't stop watching your videos keep up the amazing editing, and findings,love from Virginia

  2. Awesome! So what was your final thought on which states have the best DD , including convenience of locations (Not driving around looking for places that user dumpsters vs big compactor bins all night) easy access to what's inside the dumpster with out ladder or grabbers , amount of good reusable items found , safety (well lit , no hazardous materials in bin, cops not harassing you etc.)
    And which ones would you say are the worst?
    This is something i would like to do cross country one summer! Really glad you got to experience it and are cool enough to share your adventure with us XOXO Hillary Marek

  3. What a great video, your a brave girl doing this yourself as you sound quite young but 👍👍👍you found some good stuff, I love watching your hauls 😘

  4. This was a great video! Just wish youd speak louder and more clearly. It's hard to make out what you see. Maybe you have already done this. Just a suggestion.

  5. So awful to be so vengeful and hateful. Not to want to help poor women enjoy things. They could help others but no. Jerks

  6. I wish I could take a road trip to hit up ULTA! Which state was the best and which one was the worst for diving?

  7. You do what some other youtubers do. You play the intro and outdo music loud. Especially in comparison to your soft voice. It's jarring to those of us watching at night with a house of sleeping people. Or if I have my ear buds in.

    Where do you sell the stuff you get?

    Which states did you have no luck in? Curious.

    My first video of yours.

  8. awesome that took road trip to DD, must of had fun some fun…. I think all in all you did great, I love the video… Happy diving & be safe…

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